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Defending Commoditization: Using Wardley Maps to Map Gameplays and Strategies to Stay Ahead in Your Market

One of the goals of agility is to be able to respond rapidly to market change. But do you feel prepared to wake up to a product announcement from Amazon disrupting your entire business? Would you know what steps to take?

Instead of being worried, we can get mapping! Wardley Mapping, coined by Simon Wardley, is a way of understanding markets and components in a way that allows us to visualize and anticipate change in markets – and develop strategies and gameplays for how we can respond to them.

In November 2019, I gave the inaugural version of this talk using real-world cases of work with organizations to map their landscape and show the strategies that allowed them to reshape their future at Lean Agile Kansas City. You can find both the video and slides below.

If you’re interested in learning more about Wardley Mapping, or how to apply it to your organization, don’t hesitate to reach out at hello at coryfoy dot com, or on Twitter at @cory_foy. And be sure to check out my Mapping Mondays series as well as the recommended links just below the video.

Thanks again to the whole crew of Lean Agile KC for having me out!

Note 11/9/2019: The audio on the video has been fixed! Enjoy!