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Using tmux to show what you are typing on a projector

A quick protip – if you are projecting (say for a conference or training), want to have your screen split (so it’s showing different things on each screen) but still want to show what you are typing in your terminal, you can use tmux to have it mirror what you are typing in a separate console window.

First, install tmux. If you are on a Mac and use Homebrew, you can do brew install tmux.

Once you have tmux installed, open up a terminal window and start a new tmux session with the following command:

tmux new -s training

This creates a new session on your localhost named training. Next, open a second terminal window and run the following command:

tmux attach -t training

This “attaches” the second window to the first session. Now, whatever you type in one terminal window will show in the other, and vice versa. It will even show you if the viewable area is smaller than your current window, so you know what the other screen will see.