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Analyzing Our Words

Last night I was writing a message to the Scrum Development list when I saw something that struck me. The bottom of my screen showed me that I had received 33,227 messages since I first subscribed to it. I wondered, what have we said since March 27th, 2006 when I first joined? I then also wondered about the TDD list (25,569 messages since I subscribed in June of 2004) and the XP list (43,672 messages since I subscribed in August of 2005). So with the help of Ruby, MySQL and Wordle, I can now tell you:

Scrum Development:








I took the 2000 highest used words, filtered out some common ones (“the”) and popped it into the Wordle advanced interface which, surprisingly, handled it just fine. I had all of the messages locally in mbox format (because I use Thunderbird) which is essentially a flat file. So the Ruby script was basically file.each_line {|line| line.split.each {|word| insert into database} } which I then pulled back out sorted by word_count.

Be sure to click on any of the images to see a larger image. Enjoy!

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  • George Dinwiddie March 12, 2010, 7:41 pm

    I notice the word “solid” is prominent in all three. Does that say something about the Agile Craftsmanship movement?