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ScrumBut – Part 0 – Introduction

Last week, Jurgen Appelo wrote an article called Scrumbuts are the best part of Scrum. I followed up with my Scrumbuts are the downfall of Agile post. Ultimately Jurgen and I are in agreement – it is important to be able to have the maturity to modify a process and not be holden to it’s ways when they aren’t working. However, it is vital not to just change a process because you lack the context to see when something isn’t working because of your team’s failings.

To help address, this, I’d like to take the high-level areas from Henrik Kniberg’s Scrum Checklist and discuss when it is and is not appropriate to modify them. They are:

  1. Timeboxed Iterations
  2. Team members sit together
  3. Daily Scrum
  4. Sprint Planning Meetings / Sprint Backlog
  5. Retrospective after every sprint
  6. Demo happens after every sprint
  7. Clearly defined Product Owner / PO has a product backlog
  8. Have Definition of Done

It is my hope that this series will help show the differences about when ScrumButs are a great thing – and when they most certainly are not.

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