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Scrum Alliance Community Liaison Announcement

Hi All,

Over the past couple of weeks, there has been some hubub over a letter that went out from the Scrum Alliance to their user groups. This letter let to an announcement that the Orlando Scrum User Group was closing. This led to a posting I did on the Scrum Development list. This in turn culminated in a phone meeting with Jim Cundiff, the managing director for the Scrum Alliance, and a face-to-face meeting on Tuesday of this week as to how we could change things.

After a lengthy meeting, Jim and I agreed that I would officially join the Scrum Alliance as a new “Scrum Community Liaison”. Basically my job is to be a central point of contact for the user groups and greater Scrum community, and to put together a central group of community leaders so that incidents like the above don’t happen again.

I’m excited to be working with the Scrum Alliance for two reasons:

  1. Inspect and Adapt – Jim and the Scrum Alliance recognized an area that needed to be improved, and made a rapid decisive decision to change it.
  2. The Scrum Community – The Scrum Alliance is doing some very cool things in bringing Scrum and Agile methods to the global community. I’m looking forward to sharing many of those things

While this is just a part-time role, I want to be available to the community. So if we can be of any help, or you just have questions, you can contact me at my normal foyc at cornetdesign dot com, or at cfoy at scrumalliance dot org.

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  • Bob Sarni May 8, 2009, 7:40 am

    Cory, looking forward to your involvement. I think you have the passion for this and the community as a whole will benefit. Bob Sarni