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Agile Tampa meeting a big hit!

On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural Agile Tampa meeting at the Microsoft office in Tampa. They had the guys from a local Agile company – AgileThought there giving an introduction to Agile. While it had a lot of Scrum in it, they did a decent job of introducing the crowd – even with a couple of people in the audience who had *lots* of questions (which was a good thing!)

The meeting was packed. I was talking with Joe Healy beforehand and he said they had about 40 registrations, so I was expecting about 20 people to show up. Nope, the room was packed!

The whole thing was organized by Michael Russo, and he did a fantastic job!

(That’s him giving away some games that were donated)

All in all, I’m looking forward to the next meeting. If you are interested in Agile in the Tampa area, please pop over to the Agile Tampa site and let Michael know what topics you are interested in.

And, of course, thanks to Joe and Microsoft for providing a meeting space:

and the guys at AgileThought for putting on a good presentation:

See you soon!

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