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Happy frickin’ New Year!

Happy New year to you! This is always a great time for reflection, and I’m getting the opportunity to reflect why I enjoyed the fireworks from behind a computer monitor.

We made a decision to move our sites off of TextDrive, and initially I was going to host them at the house. I have the servers and the connection for it. I don’t, however, have a Nameserver host. I looked at DynDNS’s hosting – which I’ve used before – but for all of the sites, it turned out to just be cheaper to switch to a DreamHost account. I must say that I am pleased with DreamHost so far – great job guys!

What I’m not pleased with was my lack of keeping our family blog (visitthefoys.com) up to date with the blog software. We are using WordPress, and when it came time to move we were like a version and a half behind. So the move required trying the move, finding out that I couldn’t move/upgrade, upgrading the old server, trying the move again, finding out I had upgraded *past* where DreamHosts WP install was at, so then I had to upgrade the server – yadda yadda yadda. Not to mention that we use Gallery2 for photo posting, so I had to move all of that as well.

But it’s all moved over now, so I can enjoy the start of the new year. I think this should be a really good new year. I finally feel like I’ve settled into the balancing act between my position and contributing to the community. I got the chance to review Gojko‘s FIT book that should be coming out soon. I’m going to be leading a project at work to help bring some guidance and tools to all the poor MOSS developers who actually want to be agile (or, at the very least, integrated into their company’s development lifecycle).

And I’m working on an interesting side-project to let you use the standard FitNesse runners, except point them to a SharePoint wiki site. I’ve got it working already in my lab here at home, but I’m hoping to make it better packaged and release something soon.

All in all a good year has past (new daughter, new house, new opportunities) and an even better one has begun.

Happy New Year!