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It’s times like these that make me love my job

I’m on the road a /lot/ – about every week or so, working onsite with our customers to either help them get new technologies implemented, or help them recover from some pretty interesting situations.

This past week I was onsite with a customer who has decided on Team Foundation Server as the corporate standard for Source Control. So I was onsite to help them setup policies, branching and merging strategies, etc.

While I was there, one of the leads came over with an interesting challenge. They are doing Ruby on Rails development on Linux, but they have to use TFS as the Source Control. Now, Microsoft has partnered with a company called Teamprise to provide a Java client for accessing TFS from non-MS platforms, but they were having a problem where the code generated by rails wasn’t showing up in the Teamprise client as a pending checkin.

I collected some information, setup a repro here at the house, and got involved in a discussion with Martin Woodward. We ended up figuring out that they merely need to refresh the Eclipse project before they could see the checkins in the pending checkin window.

But this means that I got to help a team figure out how to workaround a problem preventing them from doing Ruby on Rails on Linux. Now, that was fun (even though I’m sure some sales people will panic if they ever read this).

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  • Shahzad March 15, 2007, 12:13 am

    REAlly, had i would have been at ur place, i would surely have got mad on them .

    MS doesnt see any one around but its nice to know that they are now caring for other operating systems as well