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About Microsoft posts…

Last night I was chatting with a good friend of mine in D.C. and he said that he was reading through this site, and saw stuff about Ruby, and Agile, and TDD, and then, Microsoft, Microsoft, Microsoft, Microsoft.

Well, duh. ;)

Actually, yes, I’m sure that this blog will have more Microsoft stuff than it did before. Now that I’m working for, as my friend called it, the devil, I’m able to see that people want to do Agile stuff with our tools, but it isn’t always appararent (or possible in some cases) to do it.

But not to fear. I doubt there will be much Java content, since I’m not using it day to day anymore, but I still use Ruby, and still will be playing with other dynamic languages, so there will be content on that as well.

In other words, I haven’t forgotten my roots. Software moves too fast to do that.

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