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The Power of the Internet

Today I got an email regarding a tutorial on setting up PPTP with Monowall from a gentleman in Brazil. The email he sent was in Portuguese, but I was able to pick out “Monowall”, “porta 5900”, “acesso remoto” and some other keywords which led me to believe he was trying to open a hole in his firewall for VNC access. I passed his message through Babelfish (yep, they are still around) which helped a little.

I pulled up my Monowall installation, documented the steps to open a port for VNC, and sent it back. Before I did, I ran the steps through Babelfish to psuedo-translate them to Portuguese. Out of curiousity, I then translated it back to English revealing my steps as:

its console of administration of the fotorreceptora leather strap of Monowall enters

  • estale on rulers under the keep-fire
  • the action leaves as the ticket, relation so WAN, the protocol how much the TCP, and the source as some
  • it has adjusted to the scale of the port of the source to be 5900 the 5900
  • the destination has adjusted as a “only host or by the way” and puts it in the address of its user of VNC
  • it has adjusted to the scale of the port of the destination to be 5900 the 5900
  • a click of the description types inside (something as of “ruler VNC”) – excepto
  • in the keep-fire it governs the screen, click “apply changes” This must open above of port 5900 in its keep-fire going to move 5900 in what computer you are functioning VNC.

I just got an email back from him, and from what I can tell it worked like a charm. The power of the internet and the services available truly are amazing, and I am thankful for opportunities like this to remind me of how truly powerful it is.