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Weekly Nuggets – 8/19/05-8/25/05

Weekly Nuggets:

– “Quality in real money terms (and that is the way we keep score in business) is the inverse of the expense of technical support. If technical support is a profit center, then quality in the terms you think about normally are inverted. Therefore, if you wish to have high quality, you should ensure that technical support never becomes a profit center.” (Kelly Anderson)

– “One of the NLP founders had a saying that he used on occasion: ‘there is only one way to fail with this material. Do it exactly the way you think the book says.'” (John Roth)

– Ron Jeffries: “Imaginary customers? I don’t understand. Do imaginary people buy software?” John Maxwell: “No, complex people do.” Ron Jeffries: “That’s real funny, when you think about it …” (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/extremeprogramming/message/110549)

– “The standard warns that it may only be used to represent dates before 1582 ‘by mutual agreement’.” (Joda-time FAQ about ISO8601)

– “I look at it this way: Every day, each programmer is going to program something.

That something should have a beginning, so that they can come to work, check out their code, and get started.

It should have a middle, with a purpose, so that they can program joyously all day.

It should have an end, so that they can check in their code and go home.

At every moment in time, all the code that exists should be tested, and should be working. (If not, then we are only dong half the work.)” (Ron Jeffries)

– “Assume that anything you didn’t like was the funny stuff.” – (Jim Shore)

– “It is interesting to read this discussion in the light of Alastair’s definition of the three levels of knowledge.

Level 1 – Do this one thing that works
Level 2 – Well, there are several options to do the same thing
Level 3 – I understand what this thing is all about and hence can do the right thing without thinking about it.

Level 1 – 40 Hr week
Level 2 – Sustained pace
Level 3 – Energized work

The problem is that Kent is a Level 3 player. Most of the coaches are level 2 striving to 3. Most of the teams are level 1 getting to 2. There’s a problem with communications here…” (Amir Kolsky)

– “I can belch the alphabet, but that doesn’t mean I should.” (J.B Rainsberger)