• a software developer who has worked in .NET, Java, Ruby, ColdFusion and dabbled in Perl and other languages
  • an agile coach who works to make teams and organizations find innovative, value-driven ways to deliver software that customers actually want
  • a father to two beautiful girls
  • a husband to one crafty lady
  • a drummer, guitarist, and piano diddler
  • the global Community Liaison for the Scrum Alliance
  • a user of Twitter
  • a user of AIM (c0ry f0y) (Those are zeros, folks)
  • a user of Yahoo! (cory_foy)
  • a user of Skype (CoryFoy)
  • an email user (foyc at cornet design dotcom)
  • a member of the C.L.U.B.
  • many things to many people
  • a Christian (who stumbled into Lutheranism)