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Slides and Video up from Fostering Software Craftsmanship at Øredev 2010

My slides and video are now up from my Fostering Software Craftsmanship session I held at Øredev 2010 here in Malmö, Sweden.

Fostering Software Craftsmanship from Øredev 2010 from Cory Foy on Vimeo.

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  • John Tangney November 14, 2010, 12:46 pm

    Dan Pink has taken over my life! :-) Everywhere I turn, I see references to “Drive!” and am and driven (ahem) to learn more and more about motivation and to apply Motivation 2.0 principles in my work and family life.

    I wanted to watch your talk because I am having a little trouble with the “Craftsman” label. Let me explain. I have been calling myself a Software Craftsman for 9 years, since I started my consulting biz. With all the buzz around the Craftsmanship Movement, there seems to be some backlash. Some folks seem to equate “craftsman” with “one who over-engineers”. In some circles, “Craftsman” is an insult.

    But I think you exposed another aspect of the backlash. It’s more subtle, and I may be completely wrong, but I think that some managers, even in very small orgs. are having a hard time giving up Control. And the Movement espouses independence.

    Thanks for the inspiration!